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“Person centred care” — sounds a lot like “person-centered design”

Medical schools (notoriously short on geriatric programs) are trying to give med students some insight into the lives of their older patients via virtual reality. Students can put on a VR headset ( to experience the world through the eyes and ears of someone with advanced macular degeneration and high-frequency hearing loss. This is a […]

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U Maine's Assistive Jogger

Assistive Jogger: Rolling out of another Cross-Disciplinary Program

  Sometimes, people really balk at the prospect of using a walker. Even those who could really benefit. Maybe they believe that using a walker will stigmatize as them, label them as old and feeble, represent a loss of independence to them. Another take, however, is that a walker can allow someone to keep socially engaged and […]

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In Japan, off the Drawing Board and into the Home

Since writing a 3-part series of articles on college students who were designing technologies for older adults earlier this year, I haven’t seen much on the topic. However, this week SFGate carried an article on Tools in Aging Japan: Robotic spines & Segway-like stools, and it contained several familiar-sounding products. The video phone and the exoskeleton reminded […]

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