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Art, Art Teachers, and Artisanship

A few great articles that’ve come my way recently, all dealing with art and aging: Elderly Graffiti Artists in Portugal – LATA 65, an organization in Lisbon, is trying to bridge the divide younger and older generations by encouraging older adults to become graffiti artists. They provide everything: cans of spray paint, masks, stencils, sites–even workshops on the history […]

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Although I’ve never owned a Kindle, I’m familiar with them because they are so prominently featured on’s home page (which I visit often).   Something about the recently-launched Kindle Fire HDX caught my eye:  the inclusion of a Mayday button. Tapping on Mayday brings up a video chat window with a tech support person.  This […]

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Calico: Even Google, Even Apple?

Listening to NPR on the way home from strength-training (both good for one’s brain), I caught a little blurb about a new company called Calico.  Started by Google, its focus will be on “health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases.”  Larry Page, CEO of Google, stated:  “Illness and aging affect […]

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