Just what is this website about, anyway?


Well, as my own parents aged, I watched them struggle to use computers and other technology, maneuver in and out of cars and furniture, operate machinery, navigate systems and processes. These were things they had been able to do for years, but gradually, everything became harder. Sometimes I was able to develop a bandaid-sized solution to something, but mostly I was frustrated at the lack of information and resources available for people in their position.

As technology continues to change at a dizzying rate, designers and marketers continue to focus on some magical, perhaps mythical, demographic of tech-savvy, able-bodied, digital natives (with lots of money), to the detriment of everyone else. I see more and more people being left further and further behind.

All we seem to hear about are the problems of the aging population, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a coordinated effort to take these challenges on. I began to wonder where the BIG solutions were going to come from: where are the university researchers, big-house private labs, governmental grants programs?

After a couple years of wading through this space, I am happy to report that there is a large and active, although fragmented, patchwork of research being conducted. The aim of this blog is to draw the disparate patches together to create, if not a seamless whole, then at least an opportunity to view many pieces at once.

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