Art, Art Teachers, and Artisanship

Stencil of a graffiti wall.

Image of stencil showing older woman with can of spray paint.

A few great articles that’ve come my way recently, all dealing with art and aging:

Elderly Graffiti Artists in Portugal – LATA 65, an organization in Lisbon, is trying to bridge the divide younger and older generations by encouraging older adults to become graffiti artists. They provide everything: cans of spray paint, masks, stencils, sites–even workshops on the history of street art!

Community-Based Art Rejuvenation – A special project that included everybody. Community-based art students came up with a way to actively engage assisted living residents in art. They studied original pieces, and then recreated the artworks in multiple ways.

Teaching Artists – Highlighting a few programs that teach art to older adults, in recognition of the benefits of arts participation. Includes a link to a video on how to teach arts to older adults.


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