Can Aging Really Be the New Black?

"Old is the new black" T-shirt [advanced]

“Old is the new black” T-shirt [advanced]

A couple of articles caught my eye last week, and my mind merged them into this post.

First, NPR reporter Ina Jaffe was interviewed by Scott Simon in  At Aging Conference, Aging Is the New Black. The title comes from an Old Is the New Black* T-shirt she saw at the Aging in America Conference.

Second, Fast Company’s 25 Ideas Shaping the Future of Design included 7 mentions of the word “aging.” I take this as a positive sign that the needs of aging individuals will start getting more attention, rather than being relegated to an obscure corner of design.

*Fun Fact: Remember the white-and-gold vs. blue-and-black dress controversy of a couple weeks ago? It turns out that one’s perception of the dress’s colors is age-related:  Old People Saw White and Gold… (Fast Company’s staff, which saw fit to provide a summary of  23andMe’s original report, apparently didn’t get the memo about politically-correct ways of referring to older adults.) The original report includes some of the science behind the findings, and is worth checking out. (23andMe found other interesting correlations, as well.)

One Response to Can Aging Really Be the New Black?

  1. Barb Cooke March 31, 2015 at 8:28 am #

    Ha! Aging IS the New Black. . .love the way your mind makes connections.

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